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Livox Tele-15

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Made for advanced long-distance detection, the Livox Tele-15 offers a compact size, high-precision, and durability.

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Mallinumero: LV-Tele15

Made for advanced long-distance detection, the Livox Tele-15 offers a compact size, high-precision, and durability. It allows vehicles to detect and avoid obstacles well in advance when moving at high speeds.

Long Range

The Tele-15 uses a large-diameter double-aspheric lens and solves common defocusing facula problems in long focus optical design, offering a detection range of up to 500m. Even when target object reflectivity is as low as 10%, it can still reach a detection range of up to 320m. Tele-15 supports customized firmware to increase the detectable range limit to 1000 meters.

Ultra-High Point Cloud Precision and Density

The Tele-15 features an angular precision of 0.03° and a beam-divergence angle of 0.12° (vertical) x 0.02° (horizontal). Ultra-high point cloud precision enables the Tele-15 to detect the position of target objects that are far-away in the FOV and easily recognize their contours. The Tele-15 is able to detect objects from as far away as 500 m with a reflectivity of 50%. For black cars with lower reflectivity, Tele-15 is able to detect 14 points in just 100 ms at a distance of 500 m, meeting the point cloud data demands of autonomous driving algorithms.

Non-repetitive Scanning Patterns

The emission of multi-line laser and non-repetitive scanning patterns enable the Tele-15 to distribute up to 240,000 points in its FOV of 15°. It is able to cover 99.8% of the FOV in just 100 ms, outperforming 128-line mechanical LiDAR sensors currently available on the market. This allows vehicles to see further ahead with greater details.

Stable and Reliable

The Tele-15 adopts an innovative optoelectronic system design with rotation-free photoelectric components that results in higher reliability and longer service life. The design features strong anti-thermal deformation performance, and meets VW80000 and ISO16750 automotive endurance requirements. It meets the 10-year vehicle regulatory life requirements, and MTTF up to 40,000 hours . The overall performance meets the requirements for level 3 and level 4 autonomous vehicles.

  • 40000h MTTF
  • 10Years vehicle Life Requirement

Livox LiDAR Potential Unleashed

Built-In IMU

The Tele-15 has a built-in BMI088 IMU that transfers data at a frequency of 200 Hz, including timestamp information and status-indicating code. It allows users to build algorithms such as motion compensation and SLAM more easily.


Livox SDK supports development languages, including C, C++, and Python on Linux, Windows, and ROS, making it easier to use Livox LiDAR sensors on a variety of platforms. Livox also offers frequently-used algorithms such as SLAM, and external parameter calibration to help users make the most of their LiDAR sensors.


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