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Livox Lidar MID-70

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Livox Lidar MID-70

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Mallinumero: LV-MID-70

The Mid-70 is another component adding to the overall market appeal for Livox with tailored use applications such as low-speed autonomous driving and mobile robotics. 

By significantly expanding the vertical viewing angle, reducing blind spots and increasing close-range precision, the Mid-70 offers a thorough and comprehensive point cloud data quality to ensure safer autonomy.

  • 70.4° Circular FOV
  • 5 cm Minimum Detection Range 1
  • 2 cm Range Precision 2
  • < 0.1°Angle Precision

Wider Viewing Angle, Smaller Blind Zone

The Mid-70's circular field of view extends to 70.4° both horizontally and vertically, and the minimum detection range is reduced to only 5 cm. The wider viewing angle and smaller blind zone enables the system to better explore the surrounding environment and efficiently detect and avoid small objects. This advancement in increasing viewing angle while reducing the blind zone opens up the autonomous-driving system to be safely used in a multitude of use applications and places such as airports, malls, hospitals, and other crowded and complex environments.

Cost Effective

Compared to the current market that primarily uses costly laser emitters or immature MEMS scanners, the Mid-70 adopts low-cost, high-quality semiconductor components for light generation and detection. The entire optical system, including the scanning units, uses proven and readily available optical components such as those employed in the optical lens industry. All of these factors contribute to an accessible price point of just $1099 for a single unit.

The Secrets of High Cost Performance

Mass Production

The Livox Mid-70 adopts a non-repetitive scanning method and coaxial design, allowing it to achieve a higher point cloud density and detection distance with fewer laser detectors. In addition, it does not require complicated and time-consuming multi-line laser calibration procedures, which reduces the difficulty of optical calibration during the production process and enables automated mass production while improving performance. Livox has a developed supply chains and production systems, allowing the company to significantly reduce its production costs and easily achieve mass production.

Stability and Reliability

The Mid-70 sensor adopts an innovative optoelectronic system design with rotation-free photoelectric components that result in better performance and higher reliability. The Mid series LiDAR sensors operate can continuously for up to 8,000 hours at a consistent temperature and work normally within the environmental temperature range of -20℃ to 65℃, meeting the high-intensity requirements of long-term uninterrupted operation of commercial robots. Even in 100 klx lighting conditions, the false alarm rate is still less than one in ten thousand. The 905nm laser power also meets eye safety standards (Class 1).


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