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DroneTag Mini - Remote ID lähetin

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DroneTag Mini varmistaa, että dronesi on yhteensopiva 1.1.2024 voimaanastuvien uusien tunnissääntöjen mukaisesti.

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Mallinumero: DTag-Mini
Paino: 500 g

Dronetag Minillä varmistat, että dronesi on uusien tunnistusmääräysten mukainen ja se on tunnistettavissa reaaliaikaisesti myös muiden ilmatilassa liikkuvien toimesta. Dronetag on täysin malliriippumaton ja voidaan käyttää missä tahansa dronelaitteessa, yksinkertaisesti kiinnittämällä laite dronelaitteeseen. Dronetag on hyväksytty EU ja US alueilla.

HInta sisältää 6 kuukauden basic tason tilauksen ohjelmistoalustaan sekä SIM liikenteen. Tämän jälkeen voit jatkaa tilausta kuukausi tai vuositilauksen pohjalta seuraavan hinnaston mukaisesti.

Jos haluat parantaa signaalin voimakkuutta eli kantomatkaa, voit varustaa Dronetag Mini laitteesi seuraavilla lisävarusteilla:

  • Ulkoinen LTE antenni MMCX liittimillä
  • Ulkoinen Bluetooth antenni MMCX liittimillä

Katso tarkemmat tiedot ja vastaukset UKK kysymyspatterista!

Usein Kysytyt Kysymykset

What is a Remote ID and why do I need it?

Remote Identification (Remote ID), means that other parties can receive basic information about airborne drones digitally (in a similar way to general aviation). The example data that Remote ID drones transmit wirelessly during flight is the operator's registration number, drone serial number, and current position.

Europe and US are currently leading the way with the rest of the world following their trajectory. Remote ID aims to enable organized management of drone operations to ensure safe airspace.

What is the difference between the Direct and Network Remote ID?

There are two types of Remote IDs. The first is Direct (in some countries called Broadcast) Remote ID (DRI), in which the drone broadcasts data directly to nearby entities ranging from hundreds of meters to a few kilometers. The second type is Network Remote ID (NRI), where the drone sends the data via a cellular network to a central system where it can be accessed by other users.

When do I need DRI and when NRI? Do I need both?

The current European-wide drone regulation requires all drones flying in a Specific category to fulfil the DRI requirements starting 1st July 2022. The technology and protocol are already defined in prEN 4709-002. However, the situation about the NRI mandate is still a bit unclear. All we know is that it will be required to access U-space airspace starting January 2023.

In the USA, the FAA mandates pilots to use DRI modules from September 2023 and drone manufacturers to comply with it (to produce Standard Remote ID drones) starting December 2022.

To sum it up, having both DRI and NRI systems on your drone is better. Dronetag Mini is future-proof and will always fulfill the latest standards.

Can I use the Mini without the subscription?

Yes, you can. But keep in mind, that subscription is needed to use the full potential of the Mini. It covers the costs for the SIM tariff and SW platform. Our plan starts from a mere 15 EUR / USD per month per device + you get the first 6 months for free (see our plans). Moreover, we don't lock you into any contracts, so you can cancel the subscription at any time. If you don't like our subscription model, you can still use the Mini in our Free tier (Direct / Broadcast Remote ID functionality via Bluetooth), but without the NRI and other functionalities.

Can I use my own SIM card?

No. Dronetag Mini has a soldered chip SIM and we manage everything about the connectivity for you. There are very good safety, security and economic reasons for this. Concerning the safety, drone vibrations don't play well with common SIM slots and plastic SIMs. For security, we use our SIMs to authenticate against our cloud so the data we show are guaranteed and couldn't be easily spoofed. Lastly, the IoT cellular networks we use are not easily made available to the public, meaning you won't get the pricing as we have because of our higher demand. Using your own SIM would likely mean you would be locked into a long-term contract.

What countries are supported and are there any roaming restrictions?

Dronetag Mini is made in 3 different variants – A, K, and V. Each of those is compatible with multiple cellular networks in each country where we operate. With this strategy, we can offer our systems worldwide. To learn more about the supported countries, visit our Knowledge Base. However, you don't have to worry about choosing the right variant. We will send the device based on your location.


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