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Dronavia - Zephyr Mini laskuvarjo

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Protect your drone with the most innovative parachute system on the market: 100% autonomous!

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Mallinumero: DA-ZephyrMini
Paino: 115 g

Protect your drone with the most innovative parachute system on the market: 100% autonomous!

The Zephyr Mini parachute model is part of a new generation of innovative parachutes equipped with an artificial intelligence that allows to detect a crash autonomously.  Unique on the market, this system allows the parachute to be triggered very quickly, without human intervention, for all drones weighing less than 1 KG following a loss of altitude, a collision or a sudden change of angle (compatible with the sport mode of your drone).

A universal parachute system

The Zephyr Mini parachute is compatible with all drones weighing less than 1kg, of all brands: 

  • DJI (Mavic 2 ,3 ,Air ,Pro / Enterprise)
  • Autel (Evo II & Evo Lite)
  • Parrot (Anafi USA & Anafi Ai)
  • Powervision (PowerEgg X)
  • The fastest parachute system to install & 100% reusable

The Zephyr Mini parachute system can be installed and uninstalled in less than a minute. Attach the adhesive bracket to the front of your drone, clip the parachute onto the bracket, pass the lines around the drone & light the parachute!

Thanks to a pre-stressed spring system you can reuse the Zephyr Mini parachute as many times as you like. All you have to do is replace the spring inside the system, reset it with a tool (supplied in the reset kit), fold up the parachute fabric before reinserting it inside the system. This only takes a few minutes. A reset kit is available as an option on our website at a price of : 32,50€ HT.

The lightest, most stable and most effective drone parachute canopies

The new PARA² canopies used in Zephyr parachute systems are the result of 3 years of development. Their innovative ultra-lightweight design and unique construction give PARA² canopies superior efficiency and stability. On the single canopy systems, the sink rate is minimised in relation to the canopy surface. The Zephyr Mini parachute is designed so that the canopy keeps the drone as flat as possible during the fall to minimise damage on impact

Practical features for the user

The parachute and radio control modules are equipped with LED status indicators and advanced functions.

The LEDs indicate the remaining battery charge at switch-on and switch-off and the battery level during charging. In operation, they indicate the instantaneous status of the system: correct operation, loss of radio link, low battery level... If there is no signal and you forget to switch off the parachute or the radio control, the modules switch off automatically after 10 minutes.

A time-stamped log system is integrated on the parachute and the radio. It records the user's triggering actions for diagnostic purposes.

Summary of the characteristics of the Zephyr Mini parachute:

  •     Only 115 G
  •     Compatible with all drones under 1KG
  •     Ultra-fast assembly and disassembly of the system
  •     Autonomous triggering of the parachute by crash detection (artificial intelligence)
  •     5 hours of autonomy
  •     Ejection device by pre-stressed spring
  •     Impact orientation: on the rear of the drone
  •     Minimum height of effectiveness: 15 metres
  •     Audible alert with buzzer
  •     Can be coupled with circuit breakers from the Zephyr range
  •     LED status indication
  •     Operating temperature : - 15° à 40°

Available options :

  •     Zephyr long autonomy remote control for manual release: more than 10 hours & radio range of 1,5 KM
  •     Coupling with a circuit breaker from the Zephyr range
  •     Reset kit
  •     Manufacturer maintenance

Warning :

After activation of the crash detection on your Zephyr Mini parachute, do not manipulate the drone at the risk of triggering the system.

System Information

  • Total Weight: 115 Grams
  • Ejection Device: Pre-Stressed Spring
  • Minimum Height Of Efficiency:15 M
  • Ground Impact Energy: Less Than 69 Joules
  • Compatibility: Drones Under 1 KG
  • Impact Orientation: On The Back Of The Drone To Protect The Camera
  • Canvas Size: 0.95m2


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